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Dance Can Shape The Future.

Our vision is a world where the fight for diversity and inclusion is finally met with relentless justice. Where the overwhelming majority of us are awake in awareness to the universal presence that binds us. Where celebration of our differences becomes the natural state of the world. Where dance is no longer needed as a tool to heal, so much as to get the party started.

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House of Ovations is a global conglomerate of performing artists, innovators, iconoclasts, prodigies, and humanitarians


Anytime. Anyplace. Worldwide.

We want to make dance things that honor the thousands and thousands of individuals who made us, paved the way for us, and continue to support us. We want to tell each other’s stories through world class entertainment  all over the world. We want to honorably preserve music and dance traditions embedded in our collective origins and migrations. We want to be a safe house for generations of trailblazing artists to awaken their purpose through works of art that impact the humanity in all of us.


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Barbara McKenzie

They provide top notch education and workshops to the community along with so much more. The staff is the best and ridiculously talented! Thank you Ovations:)


Hans Pierre

Working with them have all been great experiences. Not only because of a sense of family, but also because of the organization of everything done within the company.  

Logan Win Trophy 2019.JPG

Zena Sofferman

Mr. Christopher Caldwell and his dance company are truly fabulous.  It is a pleasure to watch the kids transform as they learn from him.

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